The Best Water Softening Systems

James S January 6, 2020
The Best Water Softening Systems

Is hard water doing damage to your home? It may be time to try a water softening system. For those that don't know, hard water forms when naturally occurring minerals in your home's water stick to pipes and appliances that use water. As hard water builds up, it can clog pipes and reduce the water flow rate in your home. Moreover, it will shorten the life of your pipes and increase energy usage as hard water greatly impacts your water heater's efficiency. While traditionally water softening requires a salt-based softener solution that requires ongoing maintenance, new salt-free and chemical-free solutions can prevent hard water build up and remove existing build-up to clear your pipes and allow your home's water flow freely again. If you are interested in the benefits of water conditioning, read on to learn about the best water softening systems.

Culligan water softening is a high-efficiency water conditioning solution that is up to 46% more effective than traditional water softening. It can save you up to 24% on your energy bills and can even reduce detergent costs in half, simply by using a softening method. Appliances will run more efficiently, and your water flow will improve as well. Get water conditioning in your home for just $19.99 per month and get a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Culligan will help you determine the right type of salt for your system and a Culligan Water Expert will help you do all the heavy lifting involved in filling your system. Contact Culligan Water today for a free quote and see what they can do to reduce hard water in your home.

Pelican Water Systems offers both salt softeners and salt-free water softeners. The salt-based treatment options use salt and potassium for cleaning one to six bathrooms at a time. Pelican Water Systems use high capacity resin tanks and electronic heads with a five-year warranty. The metered electronic head is easy to program and features a high flow rate. The Pelican Advantage Series features a seven-year warranty with a four-button programmable head. With treated water regeneration, you'll get optimized performance and cleaning. Choose from 36 different pre-programmed regeneration cycles and choose override days. A back-up battery provides up to 8 hours of power. Get the PS48 for as low as $1,552.32 or the PS80 for $1,844.48. Salt-free water softeners from Pelican start at $1,413.28. they work by taking minerals out through precipitation and reducing water surface tension. The method is 99.6% effective while being eco-friendly and better for your health. Shipping is free and there's a money-back guarantee.

Easywater uses an innovative no-salt conditioner along with electronic scale control technology to reduces hard water build-up in your home's pipes and appliances. The Nexus Water Softener is the most advanced water softening system on the market. It is incredibly efficient and provides lasting results. The smart control valve made of long-lasting resin can adjust its regeneration schedule as it learns your personal water usage and habits. The system requires very little maintenance and will save you money on your energy bill. With it, you can protect your home's plumbing and make hard water spots in your home disappear for good. Get better water that's better for your family. Visit the Easywater website and get a personalized quote for your home.

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