Send Money Online

James S January 6, 2020
Send Money Online

Want to help your family around the holidays? It's always good to lend a hand to a family member in need. While they might not always feel comfortable asking for help in person, there are plenty of ways to send money to your family that might be a little less awkward and a lot more convenient. Sending money can just be a great gift, especially for holidays and birthdays, because they can get whatever they want. It's also a lot less risky than trying to send a gift through the mail if they live far away. If you are looking for the best ways to send your family money just in time for the holidays, read on to learn about the best services for sending money in the US or internationally.

While it's probably a name you are already familiar with, PayPal is still one of the best ways to send your family money. PayPal is fast and completely secure. Their services offer fraud protection, so you can send over your money without worry. PayPal provides 24/7 transaction monitoring with no transaction fees required for domestic transfers. Additionally, PayPal will keep all of your financial information private with secure encryption and two-factor authentication. However, in order to send money to family, the family member will also need to open a PayPal account. The good news is that setting up an account is free and easy. Another service from PayPal called Xoom allows you to send money to family internationally. With the Xoom service, you can deposit directly into a bank account, send cash for pickup or have it delivered. Sign up today and feel free to spread the wealth.

OFX offers an incredibly convenient way to send money to family overseas. Convert your money to Euros or any other international currency and know just how much you are sending. Money can be sent to family in as little as one day. Wire money directly from your bank account online from your desktop or from your mobile device. It should be noted that there are transfer fees for using OFX but rates are better than most. One advantage though compared to PayPal is that the other person doesn't need an account to get money from you - just get their account number. OFX has been featured on CNBC, Forbes, and Reuters. Register today and start transferring money to family now. Download the mobile app for free and send money from anywhere.

Google Pay Send is another great way to send money to family living within the US. Sending money with Google Pay Send is absolutely free and its also free to receive money, soy your family will get the whole amount you transfer. It's even free to withdraw money into a bank account. Best of all, transfers happen instantly, and withdrawals are instant too. Google Pay allows you to send up to $9,999 per transaction and up to $50,000 over a five-day period. Use Gmail, a messaging system or the Google Pay iOS or Android app to send money easily and conveniently. Financial information is encrypted, and you are also protected against unauthorized transactions. Check it out online to learn more.

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