How To Save By Buying Movie Tickets Online

James S January 6, 2020
How To Save By Buying Movie Tickets Online

Going to the movies is a favorite pastime for any time of the year, but who wants to pay the hiked up prices on movie tickets? You've been looking for ways to save money, while still having fun. Take a look at these great ways to book your ticket while accessing resources, rewards, discounts, and a slew of other special offers. If you love the movies and are looking to save big at the theater, read on to learn more.

Fandango is one of the best online options for buying movie tickets whether you're at home or out-and-about. The sign-up is fast and easy, and you can also access it from virtually anywhere: computer, tablet, or your cell phone. In addition to the savings and access to movies on-the-go via streaming options, the website offers access to movie features: the "Indie Movie Guide," the "Family Guide," and "Movie News". You have all the resources and promotions you need to make your movie-viewing experience memorable and "safe" for you and your family. You also have access to new releases on DVD, Blue-Ray, and digital download. It's all just a click or two away, and more than 36 million members and subscribers love Fandango's one-stop, access-all experience.

Resources aren't everything though. What's really important is how much money you're saving, and how easy it is to save. As a member, when you buy tickets, you earn points with Fandango VIP+. You can use those points to buy discounted tickets or access streaming TV shows and movies. While Fandango charges a non-refundable service fee when you purchase tickets, you can get a partial refund or exchange in certain situations.

Like Fandango, Atom Tickets offers access and special deals to movie tickets, but it's more flexible. As part of the Atom Rewards program, you get a free movie ticket when you see four movies, but you can also link your account with the theater loyalty program to gain even more benefits. You can track your progress towards rewards, as well as see special promotions, via email, your mobile application, or their website; and it's still a great way to save money. While Atom Tickets charges a convenience fee, you can get a full refund if you cancel your ticket at least 30 minutes before show time. The site also features special news and reviews in the "Atom Insider" section, so you can get insight into the movies all in one place.

Of the three options, is the most basic, with a breakdown by sections: "Movies," "Theaters," and "Promotions." It's a movie ticketing website that was founded by AMC Theatres and in 2000. It's also owned by Fandango Media. The site offers search functionality (filtering), and advance tickets, as well as a rating system, but the promotions are a bit sparse. If you're looking for a quick down-and-dirty solution for purchasing tickets online or buying gift certificates, is a simple solution. You can also tie your account into the Showcase Starpass Reward Program to earn rewards and avoid service fees.

Since there are so many ways to save money, and online promotions are constantly launching, you can always find great deals on movie tickets with Fandango, Atom Tickets, and When you sign up for all three, you're accessing programs that each offer a unique experience, while not overriding the necessity of accessing the other two. Visit them all and decide which options work best for you.

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