Best Cellphone Family Plans

James S January 6, 2020
Best Cellphone Family Plans

These days, everyone needs a cellphone. Not even our kids are spared from the ever-connected technologies that make up our social world. When every person in your family needs a cell phone to stay connected to each other, those wireless providers sure know how to rack up the price tag. Even when everyone had their own plans, that only resulted in a giant mound of bills completely out of sync. The best way to go about keeping your family phoned up, connected, and content is through a single provider's family plan that can cater to everyone's wants and needs, no matter how diverse they are. You're probably thinking to yourself, 'Where in the world could I find a cell phone provider who's going to be that accommodating to the craziness that is my family?' Well, you'd be surprised. We're truly delighted to deliver what may be the most sought-after solution to your family phone problems. After much research and analysis, we've discovered the most enviable family plan providers: AT&T, Sprint and Verizon. While these companies offer desirable cell phone packages, there are certain features that set them apart. Take a second to compare them and see which plan fits your family the best!

First, let's get one thing straight: adding a line to your phone is not quite the same thing as getting yourself a family plan. The difference may not be enormous in terms of utility, but you'll definitely see what we mean when you notice the change in your wallet! Typically, when lines are bundled together, they are considered a family plan. However, the more lines that are shared and added to a family plan, the more affordable everyone's plan has a tendency to become. Who knew that having a big family would help save money instead of spend it?!

We all know what brought about this surge in cell phone demand. Technology plays an enormous part in our children's lives, and today's society has catered to that. While once upon a time a teenager getting a cell phone was a privilege, now it is a necessity. Because of this, our means of managing phones in the family has drastically changed. With our kids texting faster and more often than we can even speak aloud, their cell phone capabilities sometimes aren't aligned with our own. Family plans were invented to both acknowledge these diverse demands and offer unique and accommodating solutions to every phone-toting family member.

The general benefits of a family plan tend to circle around the financial aspects, but most major cell phone providers do what they can to really sweeten the deal for the whole family. Not having to share a phone anymore is a huge benefit to any sibling, and having all the bills condensed into one equals major relief from the headache that once was a pile of different phone bills! The beauty of the cell phone family plan is that it truly benefits every member, so once providers realized the mass appeal and demand, it was only a matter of time until they all began to craft their own competitive packages. By now, you'd be hard-pressed to find a cell phone network that doesn't offer a family plan. But even so, they aren't all winners. Here's why we think Verizon, Sprint and AT&T offer the most drool-worthy family plans of the whole lot.

Sprint offers a variety of family plans that cater to the differing sizes and requirements of the group. Their low-end family data plan asks for just $20 for a shared allowance of 1GB for up to 10 lines, which is 3x more data than AT&T's family plan with the same price point. For $100 a month, families that switch over to Sprint's Family Share Pack can score 20GB of shared data, plus unlimited talk and text for up to 10 lines. Compared to AT&T's prices, Sprint family plan users would be saving $60 a month!

AT&T's family plan has a lot of great features going for it, like unlimited talk and text (and unlimited messaging from the US to select countries!), an option for no annual service contracts, and rollover data. For their mobile share value plans, they now offer double the data for the same monthly plan charge! For example, a family plan that was once $130 for 15GB of shared data with unlimited talk and text and international text messaging is now going for the same price, but now it gives families 30GB of shared data instead of the original 15. Also, with AT&T, it's only $15 a month to add a new smartphone line. While its price may not be quite as competitive as Sprint's, AT&T offers some very unique perks that help set its plan apart.

In order to stay competitive, Verizon now offers a Pick Your Size plans which come in almost unlimited packages. These packages come in a range of sizes from a 2GB of data and unlimited features in the small package for $35 up to the XXL which offers 24GB shared data for only $110 per month. As always, Verizon is known for having one of the best networks in the industry and if you live in a rural area, the network becomes increasingly important. Go with Verizon if you are outside a major city, because cheaper is no good if you can't use your phone.

Now that we're getting into the nitty gritty, let's take a second to consider how much you're really getting out of these deals. The types of phones available on family plans tend to be specially catered to the nature and utility of the plan. Also, more often than not, the types of phones included in the plan will reflect how much a family is willing to pay for their provider's family plan. Despite running a potentially higher price tag, it's important to remember that in the grand scheme of things, your family is still probably saving a decent chunk of change by switching to a family plan. So live a little!

Clearly, the cell phone market has recognized just how appealing it is for families to be able to bundle up everyone's cell phone plans into one. With great providers like Sprint and AT&T offering tempting incentives and unbeatable deals, we can all rest easy knowing that switching to a family plan is truly worth its weight in gold.

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