Weight Watchers

James S November 12, 2019
Weight Watchers

It can be rough working off weight through diet and exercise. Not everything about weight loss is immediately clear and a lot of information and resources are just not readily availabl. This is where Weight Watchers comes in and offers special diets and exercises to help people lose weight. Weight Watchers is, no matter what negative press they receive, actually a very effective program that does help its members consistently lose weight over time. The more dedicated you are to the program and its resources, the more likely you are to lose weight and the more weight you are likely to lose. However, Weight Watchers makes very tall claims that their program is exceptional at helping with weight loss but its own research tends to show less impressive numbers.

Weight Watchers is actually proven to be effective at helping people lose weight over time. While there is not research to back up all of their claims, there is a sufficient body of research that has been conducted to prove that they are more effective at aiding weight loss than just attending support groups or attempting to diet without a plan. They do work with you and your specific situation in order to create a diet plan that is healthy for you and that will allow you to lose weight at a rate that will not cause problems over time. It is true that there are other diets that work better and many crash diets can offer faster results than Weight Watchers, but it should go without saying that you need to be careful with crash diets. Sure you will lose weight fast but you will very often see health risks associated with such diets and experience a great deal of muscle loss. In the worst cases you will gain the weight right back once you end the crash diet and return to your old eating and exercise habits.

The only problem that Weight Watchers faces is that it makes very extravagant claims that it just does not have the research to backup. By no means is it a scam or an ineffective program but Weight Watchers claims that their research shows members losing over three times as much weight as other diets when their own research indicates that it is just over two times as much. That is still a very significant increase but they are guilty of claiming more than they can offer. This is not to say that some people will not lose more than three times as much as they would have without Weight Watchers but on average, people only lose just over twice as much weight.

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