Dress Up Games

Author 07.17.15

Dress-up games are something that have been around on the internet for decades, and are different from the rotehr free online games sites like Friv, Poptropic, Miniclip, Roblox or Club Pengion in taht it's more focused on one type of game. Even before this the concept was nothing new, even when Barbie first began its production of dolls to be fit into clothes. Children and young adults often found these toys and games to be a great amount of fun much of the time. Dress-up games on the computer are not much different. You often start with a number of clothes, accessories, environments, and tools that allow you to dress up a doll and sometimes let you unlock more items to apply to your doll. Many video games offer a range of customization for their characters similar to dress-up dolls now too. Games like The Sims allow you to spend hours trying on tens of thousands of different combinations of clothing with all of the user generated content and basic clothing options included in the game.

Most dress-up games that you will find will be online and will be free. You can locate these through any number of online gaming websites. A popular engine to build these games in is Adobe Flash Media Player. The quality of these games ranges from great to absolutely abysmal so it is worth looking at the ratings that other users have given the game before trying one out.

As far as complexity goes, most dress-up games are incredibly simple. You usually drag and drop articles of clothing on a doll with your mouse in order to create a style that looks best to you. There are no right or wrong answers and the worst thing that you can do is to take off all of the dolls clothes so that they are in their underwear. Some will add little bits of spice to make them unique and exciting. There may be special scenarios that you can make the dolls you dress up explore or you may be able to unlock new clothes or actions by building specific outfits. There is a wide and diverse range of dress-up games out there so there is probably one that is perfect for your needs regardless of whatever they are.

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